A Minimlist's Haven on the Norfolk Broads

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We were lucky enough to have a little family weekend away recently. For various reasons; some personal, some green, we're mostly holidaying in the UK these days. There are so many beautiful parts of the country to explore, and we've decided that since we're spending less on the journey, we can treat ourselves to a higher calibre of accommodation. For example... 

Bedroom through door from dining area, shades of white

Dining table in cabin

Oh yes. That's right, we're talking seriously sexy accommodation. This is The Water Cabin, a charming little 1930s waterside holiday home in the Norfolk Broads, renovated with great éclat by The Nor-folk.  

Wood-clad cabin exterior with decking and dining table

Living room corner with view over the Norfolk Broads

I followed Fiona and Bobby's renovation of the Water Cabin on Instagram, so it was a slightly surreal experience to find ourselves there in real life. 

Water in sunset - Norfolk Broads

Bedroom corner, vase with grasses

I really cannot oversell this place. It's a minimalist's dream, soft Scandi interiors just to die for! Obviously it goes without saying that this sort of decor massively floats my boat, but I didn't realise quite how powerful the calming effect of such a peaceful place would be. I was honestly nearly moved to tears when we arrived, it's that beautiful. 

View of Norfolk Broads

All of us, even our daughter (who admittedly is pretty chill as 2 year olds go) were so happy pottering about the cabin, watching the world go by. Sitting on the deck with a cold glass of wine and a pile of books of an evening was simply the height of bliss.  

Toddler playing with wooden tool set on living room floor

Man standing outside cabin at sunset

Whilst pared-back and uncluttered, the cabin still managed to feel luxurious, and also cater for all our needs. So many little beautiful details to appreciate, both aesthetically...

Port-hole bedroom window

Chopping boards on kitchen side

... and in terms of comfort and practicality: eve mattresses, Austin Austin toiletries, Grey Seal coffee... top notch welcome basket too: 

Dining table with welcome basket

Our itinerary for the weekend was based around some house viewings in Aylsham (we're planning to relocate to the area when we can), so I don't have a huge amount of recommendations for you, as we didn't explore the area as much as we might have done otherwise... But, a couple of places worth a look...

Interior view of The Library restaurant

We stopped in the lovely city of Norwich to break our journey and I can definitely recommend The Library for a spot of lunch. It was oddly (and unjustifiably) empty when we were there, such a beautiful space:

Interior view of The Library restaurant

The building, as the name (and the fact it's still delightfully packed with books) suggests, is a former library. In fact, the UK's first public subscription library, which to a bibliophile like me sounds oh-so-romantic. The food was delicious and the staff very accommodating of us and our car-bored toddler. Definitely check it out next time you're in Norwich.   

Blickling Estate frontage with mother and daughter in foreground

And of course for a family day out you can't beat a good old National Trust property (I am so middle-aged), so we headed to the Blickling Estate on the Saturday. Pretty standard stuff: ran around in the pretty gardens, looked at some fancy ceilings, spent a small fortune in the 2nd hand book shop, ate ice cream... what's not to like? 

Toddler building sandcastles

We hit up Great Yarmouth on the Sunday as we couldn't not take the little one to the seaside, being so close. She adores the beach! I spent swathes of my childhood in Yarmouth as my grandparents had a caravan up there. It's just as wonderfully tacky as I remember.

Culinarily rather unvaried, but who doesn't love chips on the beach??... and there were some more interesting architectural details to appreciate amongst the arcades and rollercoasters. Check out this enchanting old ruin, the former Winter Gardens:

Roof of the Winter Gardens in Great Yarmouth

I know there's plenty more to see and do in the area and the Water Cabin is an idyllic place to explore from. Busy days seem much more manageable when you know you have an evening of waterside contemplation to look forward to. 

Pale neon sign, reads: ebb and flow

I expect you're bored of me waxing lyrical by now, but I really would rate this as the best place we've ever stayed in the UK.

I can't wait to book another weekend in The Water Cabin, perhaps a cozy (grown-ups only) winter break next time. Here's the link if you fancy treating yourself in kind, just don't book up all the weekends in October, ok?

Sunset view of the Norfolk Broads

This blog post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by anyone, I just honestly had a marvellous holiday and wanted to tell you about it. 

Images 1, 2, 3 and 18 in the post - copyright Fiona Burrage / The Nor-folk.
All other images in the post - copyright Samantha Drury Shore / White Black Grey.

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