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Current obsession: a cabin in the woods (or by the sea), with pared back interiors and huge picture windows making the view the main feature of the room. Dreamy.

Here's a round up of my faves. A few of these are available to rent out as holiday accommodation, if you've got a long weekend that needs filling. Send us a postcard won't you? 

Navidad, Chile - La Tagua Cabin by Croxatto and Opazo Architects

Interior of a cliff-top cabin with large windows and a view of the ocean. Interior is wooden clad with a bed in dark grey linens and wooden chairs on a balcony

Photography by Chistobal Palma.  

There are views, and then there are VIEWS! This is almost enough to  make me want to get on a plane. Love the drama of this view, and the warm tones of the wooden walls.

A staple amongst these sorts of cabins is unusually shaped windows, framing up those stunning views. Here are two examples that work an absolute dream...

Salamajärvi National Park, Finland - Niliaitta Prototype by Studio Puisto

 Interior of a small wooden cabin in the Finnish woodland. A large window with a view of snowy trees. The interior is clad with wood, a bed with white linens. Backing to the headboard of the bed is a petite dining area

The compact nature of this cozy cabin is so appealing. A delicious dinner and then fall into bed to enjoy that snowy forest view. Wonderful. 

Lake Saimaa, Finland - Kynttilä by Ortraum Architects

A view from inside a woodland cabin. A simple wood-clad room with a rumpled bed and trees and a lake outside the huge window

More dreamy Finnish woodland viewed from a cosy wood-clad cabin, we love to see it!

And why limit yourself to large windows in the walls? Skylights allow these beautiful buildings to really draw the scenery in from all angles...

Aarhus, Denmark - The Author's House by Sleth

Mid century modern style interior with brown leather sofas and a wooden ceiling with skylight. Book cases above the windows, views to woodlands

Designed as an author's workspace and retreat, we are oh-so-jealous of this copper-clad, mid-century-modern wonder.

Modular Hotel Concept - Hytte by Koto

Interior of a woodland cabin with a sunken bed, wooden- and concrete features and a log burner.

In bad news, it appears this stunning space is just a concept and we can't actually go and stay there. Let us know if you hear of any of these popping up won't you? The use of textures and materials here is to die for.

Wood-burners seem to be a key feature in many of these cabins (I'm guessing many are off-grid for heat?)... and with so many pleasing designs to choose from, they really can offer a synergy of style and function...

Ohio Valley, USA - The Hut by Midland Architecture

An open white wooden room with a large black log burner and 2 modern wooden chairs. One wall is completely glazed looking out into a woodland canopy

Now this really takes "pared back" to a whole new level, but with scenery like that, why not? Sign me up for an evening here with a bottle of Picpoul de Pinet and a pile of hardbacks.

Quebec, Canada - The Cottage on the Point by Paul Bernier Architecte

Bedroom with huge windows overlooking a Canadian Lake with forest. Within the bedroom, a bed with white linens, black suspended wood burner and a grey granite free-standing bath

Oh Canada! Is there anywhere more stunning? Look at the way this extension puts the bedroom right out over the lake. 

Karjalohja, Finland - Villa Rauhanniemi by Joanna Laajisto

Interior of a Finnish woodland cabin living room with wraparound windows, mid-century furniture and a black wood burner

We're back in Finland for another more mid-century modern - #housegoals much. This is cabin is an absolute masterclass in how to balance minimalism with cosiness.  

Here's another excellent example of warm minimalism, another cabin by Koto, this time in Norfolk, UK, one of my favourite places in the world...

Fritton Lake, Norfolk UK - Cabins by Koto at Fritton Lake

Warm minimal interior with furniture in grey and wood, and a large picture window to woodlands

From snug and cosy to bright and airy, even a large space can still allow the scenery to do the talking... 

Cornwall, Connecticut, USA - Ledge House by Desai Chia

Large open plan interior with very minimal design. Large windows overlooking autumnal forest landscape. A kitchen, large dining table and concrete fire.

There's something about the lines in this room, just astounding design. 

Here's the bedroom from the same house. Love these windows...

Bedroom with sloped ceiling and views to forest through black-framed windows. Wooden bed with white linens and a black statement light fitting.

 I'll round up with the ultimate option for immersing yourself in nature's beauty (without going, you know, camping) and that's treehouses! 

Als Odde, Denmark - Treetop Hotel by Sigurd Larsen for Løvtag

Interior view of a treehouse cabin. Large windows with a bed and other wooden furniture. A large tree trunk can be seen in the foreground.

 Austin, Texas, USA - Yoki Treehouse by Artistree

Interior of a treehouse. Trees outside the large windows. Inside a cream sofa, marble table with plywood seating and a black metal ladder up to beds above.

I might do another blog post about treehouses with pared-back minimal interiors actually, I feel like there's plenty of swooning material out there! 

If you own / know of a Room with a View that you'd like to see featured on a future blog post, do drop me a line: hello@whiteblackgrey.co.uk.  

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