A Slow and Simple Christmas - Blog Round-up

A Slow and Simple Christmas - Blog Round-up

Minimal star wreath hanging on door

I'm delighted to see a strong theme emerging in current posts from bloggers I follow. That is the concept of a slow and simple Christmas. All sorts of thoughtful posts are popping up with considered advice on how to approach the festive season in a quieter, more minimal, or more sustainable way. 

This idea speaks to me very personally. I have never been a huge fan of Christmas, and whilst of course I love my family, it's never been a time of year I particularly look forward to. I suppose (and this sounds ridiculous now), I had never considered it was possible to step back and take a different approach. To reject traditions that aren't meaningful to us as a family; to not feel the drag of compulsive consumerism. To remind myself that less is almost always more, and so create a Christmas that I could enjoy, moments that we could all cherish. 

Concrete Dala Horse with concrete candle holder and fir

So in the hope that others might be similarly inspired, I thought I would create this round up of recent blog posts from some of my faves, on having your very own slow and simple Christmas.  

 These Four Walls: "How to Have a Minimalist Christmas"

"Don’t feel you need to hold on to Christmas traditions just for the sake of it. Work out which are important to you and do away with any that no longer hold their magic." 

"The aim is to have the Christmas we want, not the one we think we should have."

Grassy green wreath hanging on door

Field and Nest: "How to Have a More Mindful Christmas"

"…try to stay clear of disposable plastic decorations and choose items made out of durable or natural materials like wood, paper or metal that you can easily store away and use for years to come."

"Cook the Christmas dinner that you actually want to eat, rather than making food that you don’t really like and will get wasted."

Our of focus Christmas Tree

Hearth & Nook: "Slow Living: A Slow Christmas"

"Host a gathering… decorate your garden with candles and lanterns, serve up mulled wine to keep you warm and sing carols round a fire pit."

Branches with silver baubles, black star garland

Jessica Rose Williams: "Christmas Newsletter: "A few tips to get you through to the other side"

"Don’t expect it to be the best one ever and don’t expect it to be the worst day ever either. Removing all expectations is a very meditative thing to do but it works. When you remove expectations you can be in the moment and you remove the risk of disappointment."

Cottage kitchen with Christmas tree

I hope you've enjoyed and been inspired by these festive reads :)

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