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Copenhagen Cafe

Welcome to the first of our monthly Brilliant Blogs series, if that's not too meta for you.

In each post, we'll feature a blog that we find particularly inspiring, informative, intriguing, interesting, or any other i word you can think of. 

First up, is the fabulous 91 Magazine blog. You can check it out, here:

Stylists Guide Cover - 91 Magazine

If you're not familiar with 91 Magazine, it's a beautiful independent interiors magazine, published twice a year, with a wonderful mix of home/studio/shop tours, lifestyle editorial, shopping guides, recipes etc. The photography is gorgeous, the layout delightfully minimal. I urge you to check it out if you can. As you can probably tell, we are smitten. 

91 Magazine with cup of tea

Their blog is more of the same really, and we find it an absolute joy. The highlight for us (so far), is their "Instagrammers Guide to..." travel series. Destinations they've completely sold to us include Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Rye in East Sussex! A combination of great recommendations and pretty pretty pictures, it's enough to inspire the staunchest of armchair-only travellers to hop on a plane/train(/automobile). Lovely stuff!  

Cushion shop

White stairs in cafe

Rundetaarn Copenhagen

Cabin in Finland


Do you know of any Brilliant Blogs? We'd love to hear your recommendations for blogs to feature. We're interested in anything under the umbrella heading of lifestyle really - interiors, craft, travel, food, umm... cats? You name it, as long as it's interesting to read and easy on the eyes, we'd like to hear about it. 

All images in this post copyright 91magazine. 

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