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Welcome to our latest "Brilliant Blogs" post. Where we write a blog post about other blogs that we think are brilliant. Meta.

Amy Menton reading a menu in a restaurant

This month we're featuring a new kid on the blogging-block - Amy Menton
Here at WBG Towers, we've been crushing on Amy's instagram feed for many months now. Naturally, we were delighted to hear she has started a blog and it is chock-full of the same sort of loveliness - yay! 

Amy Menton's Instagram Feed

Photographer and interior-lover Amy lives in Chicago with her husband, Stephen and cat, Olive. Her blog is sorted into three simple categories: Interiors, Travel and Lifestyle. So essentially, the only three things you really need to know about. Amy has only published a few posts so far, but those that are there are a treat.
Screen Shot showing 3 blog posts - Amsterdam, Minimal Coffee Tables, Lightwell Co.

Screen shot from Blog - 'Noted: June List'

Amy's photography is stunning; beautifully framed and softly lit, refreshing and full of personality. Her subtle and endearing writing style is the perfect backdrop to showcase such gorgeous imagery. Look: 

Little dining table with two white chairs

Buildings in Amsterdam

Candle, matches, magazines

Coffee in white cup in cafe

Lovely, just lovely! So after that little taster, we're sure you will awaiting more posts as eagerly as we are.

Also, don't want to come across as crazy ailurophiles (though we are), but Amy, if you're reading this - we'd like to see some posts featuring Olive the cat please! 

Tabby cat with books and vases

Do you know of any Brilliant Blogs? We'd love to hear your recommendations for blogs to feature. We're interested in anything under the umbrella heading of lifestyle really - interiors, craft, travel, food, umm... cats? You name it, as long as it's interesting to read and easy on the eyes, we'd like to hear about it. 
All images in this post copyright Amy Menton. 

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