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Grey interiors moodboard 

Welcome to our latest "Brilliant Blogs" post. Where we write a blog post about other blogs that we think are brilliant. Meta.

This month we're featuring Cate St Hill. Her marvellous blog has been around since 2011, so you may well already be familiar with it. If not, you're in for a treat! 

Interior stylist sat at desk

Cate is a design and interiors writer, blogger, stylist and consultant based in South London. As something of a mission statement, she set up the hashtag #thesimpleeveryday, and her blog is all about simple interior design for everyday living. We love it. 

Corner of grey kitchen diner

To quote Cate's 'About' Page, "I'm attracted to pared-back, Scandinavian-inspired spaces with neutral, understated decor...", so right up our street! And if you're here on our blog, probably right up yours too. 

Grey sofa with tea and notebook

Our favourite thing is the regular "Best of" features. Essentially round-ups themed to a particular item in your home, you can see some highlights below. And man, Cate's shopping game is strong. Her taste is impeccable and she's doing the legwork for you - woohoo!  

20 of the best monochrome cushions


20 of the best minimal pots and planters


20 of the best minimal pendant lights


Cate's own home and her renovation work there feature regularly on her blog; and rightly so. It's fantastic to see the transformation she has wrought (and we do love a good 'before' shot, the more hideous the better!) and the amount of thought and planning that goes into each room. There are so many beautiful calm spaces. I mean, just look at Cate's living room. 

Minimal monochrome living room

Before and After - Living room

Can I get a wow? Exactly. I'm not crying with jealousy, you are. 

Cate writes with a refreshing honesty, sharing genuine behind the scenes pics (clutter and all!), which is both reassuring (she is a human being) and so inspiring, when you see the wonderful finished rooms. Check out this piece on renovating her home office / spare bedroom: A cosy, grey home office for a freelance creative - my makeover reveal.

Grey home office

The home office 'before' shot (woah) :

Before shots - bed and desk in badly lit room with blue curtains

In a Brilliant Blogs first, I'm afraid Cate doesn't have a cat. I know. It's a bit of a shocker. But it's ok, it's not an entirely pet-free zone thanks to this guy: 

Sausage dog in unmade bed

We don't know his name. Let us know if you do. 

Do you know of any Brilliant Blogs? We'd love to hear your recommendations for blogs to feature. We're interested in anything under the umbrella heading of lifestyle really - interiors, craft, travel, food, umm... cats? You name it, as long as it's interesting to read and easy on the eyes, we'd like to hear about it. 

All images in this post copyright Cate St Hill.

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