Brilliant Blogs - Coco Lapine Design

Brilliant Blogs - Coco Lapine Design

Welcome to our latest "Brilliant Blogs" post. Where we write a blog post about other blogs that we think are brilliant. Meta. 

This month, we're maybe slightly cheating a bit, and featuring the blog of one of our suppliers, but I promise our motives are pure! The blog is fabulous, and in fact is what lead us to Sarah and her wonderful prints in the first place.

Coco Lapine Design Logo

So, yes, our brilliant blog this month is Coco Lapine Design; an interiors blog by Sarah Van Peteghem. Sarah is a very talented designer, hailing from Belgium, currently living in Munich. We recently got some of Sarah's beautiful prints in for the shop. You can see those, here.

Ketos print

Mountain ABC Print

Palm Leaf Print

Coco Lapine Design is at heart a minimal interiors blog with a Scandi slant. I know those can be 2 a penny, but Sarah's is one of the best. We've found it intelligent, insightful and inspiring. The quality of the images she chooses is always fabulous, and Sarah is incredibly prolific, posting almost every day, so we promise you'll never get bored. 

Coco Lapine bedroom

Coco Lapine Kitchen

Coco Lapine Shelfie

The best thing for me about this blog though is the originality. There is an abundance of design ideas, locations, brands etc., that I have never heard of before. You can tell Sarah really has her finger on the pulse of modern design and interiors. I honestly don't know where she gets the energy.

Screenshot Coco Lapine Blog

Do you know of any Brilliant Blogs? We'd love to hear your recommendations for blogs to feature. We're interested in anything under the umbrella heading of lifestyle really - interiors, craft, travel, food, umm... cats? You name it, as long as it's interesting to read and easy on the eyes, we'd like to hear about it. 

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