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Welcome to our latest "Brilliant Blogs" post. Where we write a blog post about other blogs that we think are brilliant. Meta. 

Three Candle Holders

This month, we're taking a look at Hearth and Nook, a beautiful little blog by Laura Willers. Laura is an interiors and lifestyle writer, blogger and consultant based in East of England, so not too far from WBG Towers.

Laura Willers, writer of Hearth and Nook

At the heart of Hearth and Nook are the twin ideals of slow living and minimalism. Laura's posts are honest and personal, and we've really enjoyed joining her on a journey in pursuit of a simpler and more authentic life. 

Bedside table with lamp, book and candle

Laura doesn't shy away from talking about the difficulties of balancing these ideals with the realities of modern life; and with a day job and a baby, she's got plenty of "reality" to worry about! 

Sofa with cushions, magazine and tea tray

So if you have any interest in paring back your own hectic lifestyle, looking into slow living or decluttering, do check it out, you'll find plenty of food for thought here.

The most recent post (at the time of writing) includes some really insightful meditations on cost, value, capitalism and ethical consumerism. Definitely worth a read. Check it out here.

Cup of coffee with candle

Tiny hitch, Laura doesn't seem to have any pets. I know we don't normally feature blogs without a furry friend, but we love Hearth and Nook and decided to make an exception.

Do you know of any Brilliant Blogs? We'd love to hear your recommendations for blogs to feature. We're interested in anything under the umbrella heading of lifestyle really - interiors, craft, travel, food, umm... cats? You name it, as long as it's interesting to read and easy on the eyes, we'd like to hear about it. 

All images in this post copyright Laura Willers / Heath & Nook.

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