Gift Wrapping Guide | Part 1 | The Basics

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Gift wrapped parcel with scissors and stars

Hello there. Welcome to White Black Grey's Gift Wrapping Guide. This is Part 1 - The Basics. To follow we'll have guides on wrapping tricky shapes (like puppies and things), and beautiful finishing touches to really make your presents stand out from the crowd.

This guide will show you how to perfectly wrap a boxed parcel, with no visible tape for a pristine, professional finish. 

First, gather your materials:

Candle, gift wrap, tape, scissors

Gift (we'll be using our adorable geometric rabbit candle, Hoppa), Gift Wrap (ours is from M&S, not very 'indie' I know, but it is pretty), Scissors, Tape. Just out of shot - tea, chocolate

For 'invisible tape' wrapping, we recommend Scotch tape. If you want visible tape, make it wonderful - go Washi!

Next, prep your tape loops. That way you won't run out of fingers halfway through:

Loops of tape

Now trim your paper to size. The long side should have a decent overlap (as you'll be folding over the 'open' edge). For the short sides, the length of paper at each end should match the height of the box:

Present sitting on wrapping paper

Neatly fold over the long 'top' edge of the paper. A couple of centimetres will do:

Folded gift wrap with scissors

Candle and gift wrap

Bring the two sides together with the tape on the underside of the creased edge:

Wrapped parcel

 Repeat at the other end, leaving this beautiful clean, tape-free edge:

Wrapped parcel

 Fold the paper down at the short end with sharp creases, as shown here:

Folding wrapping paper

 Fold the two sides towards the centre, and make sharp creases again:

Folding wrapping paper

This *should* leave you with a nice neat triangle onto which you apply your tape:

Apply tape to wrapping paper

Stick and repeat at the other end (the parcel is now the other way up in this photo, in case you got confused!):

Wrapped parcel

And, finally, decorate!

Wrapped parcel with star decoration

In this photo, we've used grey Baker's Twine, which you can get from the lovely people at Papermash. The rubber snowflakes are by SEJ Design. We have their rubber stars available here if you fancy replicating this look. 

That's it for now, thanks for joining us! We'll have lots more wrapping tips and tricks for you in our future Gift Wrapping guides, so watch this space.

If this all seems like too much hassle (we feel ya), we're offering a free gift wrapping service this Christmas, just leave us a note at the checkout and we'll do the hard work for you!

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