How It's Made: Wooden Pole Pole Animals by T-Lab Japan

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Collection of wooden animals

We've recently welcomed to the store this delightful menagerie of wooden animals by T-Lab Japan. Called Pole Pole animals (meaning 'little by little' in Swahili), each one is hand-carved and hand-painted by skilled artisans.

Wooden T-Rex

Not much makes us happier at White Black Grey than a behind-the-scenes tour showing how out products are made. We hope you might be interested too, join us for a little photographic walk through the production process of these adorable animals.

Large collection of wooden animals, all lying down

The wood is sourced from the Albizia tree, one of the fastest growing tropical trees. This rapid growth allows T-Lab to produce the animals sustainably, and they are committed to replanting trees and combatting deforestation. 

Albizia tree

Logs from Albizia tree

Three split logs

Sections of roughly shaped wood, starting to show animal shapes

Piece of wood with 3 rabbit shapes sketched onto it

Roughly shaped wooden dog 

Wooden tapir being handcarved

Pile of hand carved wooden tapirs

Metal racking full of unfinished wooden animals

Wooden tapirs being sanded down

Pile of sanded down wooden rabbits

Artisan painting black detail onto wooden cows by hand

Collection of hand painted hedgehogs with brush pen

Row of handpainted black wooden cats with ink pots

Rows of wooden caybaras with their feet in the air (drying)

Rows of wooden sheep showing handpainted details

Collection of wooden animals

Collection of wooden animals

 Smitten? Yeah, us too. See the full range here

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