Minimal Christmas Styling Ideas Round-up

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Minimal wreath in front of snowy window

via My Scandinavian Home

December is upon us once more. It can only mean one thing... for many people at least, it's time to decorate for Christmas! We've scoured every corner of the internet (well, mainly Pinterest) to bring you our round-up of awesome styling ideas if you're looking to rock a minimal or Scandi vibe this Christmas. 

1. Let nature do the talking 

Mantlepiece with foliage garland and taper candles

via A Daily Something

At the centre of any understated Christmas scheme should be greenery, and plenty of it. Consider a plain tree (even if that's not your main tree); drape boughs of fir down the stairs; create a table runner from eucalyptus and other seasonal foliage... you pretty much can't overdo it.   

Fir branch in bowl on pile of books

via Francoise et Moi

Plain Christmas tree in metal bucket

via SF Girl by Bay

Christmas table with candles and foliage

via Boxwood Avenue

Plain Christmas tree in a basket

via The Merrythought

2. Use natural materials where possible

Christmas table with candles and foliage

via Burkatron

This is a bit of a continuation of point 1 to be honest. Consider pine cones for place settings, and avoid plastic as much as you can. Perhaps one of these über-cool wooden trees will float your boat:

Minimal wooden Christmas Tree

via These Four Walls Blog

Plywood Christmas Tree

via A Pop of Red

Wooden Christmas Tree

via One Two Tree

There are even wall-mounted options, which are space saving as well as being a bit different.

Wall mounted Christmas tree with animals and lights

via Digs Digs

Mini Christmas Tree in vase with candle

via Pinterest (please message us for credit if this is yours)

Fir sprig in vase next to white lamp

via Elisabeth Heier

And check out these adorable wooden trees by Brüün - I mean, if these don't scream minimal Christmas, I don't know what does. 

Wooden christmas trees and wrapped parcels

 3. Restrict your colour palette

White Christmas Decor

via Comfy Dwelling

I know we might be preaching to the converted here, but it doesn't necessarily need to be monochrome...! Just choose a few favourite tones and stick with them throughout for a coherent and tasteful look, too much colour can be busy and overwhelming. 

Potted Christmas tree with paper decorations

via My Paradissi

Christmas tree with brass ornaments

via My Scandinavian Home

monochrome Christmas scheme

via Designed Simple Blog

Vase with bare branch and paper baubles

via Elisabeth Heier

Monochrome Christmas scheme


There are plenty of ways to create a festive mood without allll the colours. Right now, monochrome paper stars are our top pick...

Paper star decorations

via Fraulein K Sagt Ja

Black paper star on door

via These Four Walls Blog

 4. Handmade wreaths

Minimal wreath hanging above wooden chair

via The Merrythought

This trend has been kicking around for quite a few years now and shows no signs of abating, I'm delighted to say. Creating super-minimal wreaths is the perfect modern twist on a more traditional decoration. Here's a bit of inspo if you fancy turning your hand...

Minimal Christmas wreath with scissors

via My Scandinavian Home

Minimal Wreath Styling

via A Daily Something

Minimal wreath

via Makers Society

Minimal candle wreath

via These Four Walls Blog

Lounge scene with sofa, book case, minimal Christmas wreath and dog

via My Scandinavian Home

5. Handmade everything!

Your handmade creations needn't stop with hanging wreaths. Getting your craft on is a great way to keep decorations to your own taste! Here's a selection of our favourite tutorials:

Table wreath with candles

Minimal Table Wreath via A Daily Something

Glass baubles with foliage inside

Green baubles via

Christmas branch wall decor

Branch wall decor via Words are for Writers

Candle holder with pine spray

Festive candle holder via Vienna Wedekind

Wreath making equipment

Seasonal wreath via Jessica Rose Williams

Tree wall hanging

Tree Wall Hanging via Almost Makes Perfect

 6. Loads of candles

Board with many candles

via Traumzuhause

I know, I know. I pitched this as being about minimalism and I keep urging you to have lots of something. Candles are the only other exception to the rule, I promise!

Lots of candles on a board

via My Scandinavian Home

Candlelight is so magical and is arguably the easiest way to bring festive vibes to your home. Just remember to, you know, be safe with them and not set fire to your hair / dog. 

Monochrome Christmas Table with candles and paper stars

via These Four Walls

Dining table with candles and greenery

via Francoise et Moi

 6. Pared back wrap

Parcel wrapped in kraft paper

via Tumblr (please message us for credit if this is yours)

Now we're onto the fine details - wrapping the presents! Whether you're doing this well in advance, or leaving it 'til Christmas Eve, minimal is the name of the game. Think plain kraft paper (or handprinted if you're feeling creative - see below!), twine, natural accessories. This look is classic and modern, you can't go wrong. 

Presents wrapped in plain paper with natural accessories

via These Four Walls Blog

Potato printing wrapping paper with a Christmas tree design

via Pinterest (please message us for credit if this is yours)


Feeling inspired? Check out our Christmas edits here:

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