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Close up of March on Calendar

The Valentine's Day roses have dropped their petals for another year, next up on your calendar of giving - Mother's Day! Depends entirely on your point of view, but I'd suggest this occasion is a little more deserving of your hard-earned...


My daughter is not yet 2, so I'm fairly new to this motherhood lark myself, but one of the hardest aspects of the transition for me has been the loss of previous identity. I am referred to as "L's Mum" a lot more than I am by my own name, my hobbies have been sidelined, our home filled to the rafters with (thankfully mostly wooden) toys, the pride I (sometimes) took in my appearance worn down to, well I've washed my hair and I'm not currently covered in an excess of bodily fluids... Some parts of this, of course, get easier as your children grow, but one solid uniting fact about being a mother is that you're never going to put yourself first, ever again. 

Toddler playing with wooden kitchen

Here then, to my mind is the purpose of Mother's Day, celebrate your mum for the person she is outside of just being your mum (as if "just" is an appropriate word, but you know what I mean!). Buy her a thoughtful gift that lets her know you appreciate who she is as a person, not just everything she does for you. 

Completely Devoted print on dressing table

When I say "your mum" I'm using that in the loosest sense. So your actual mum, your nan, an auntie, the mother of your children. Families come in all shapes and sizes, so anyone in your life who plays the role of mother, this totally stands. 

So whether your Mum's interests are art, craft, baking, gardening, animals, travel, food and drink, writing, interior design (especially that last one!), we have something for you. 

My mother, the spa lover...


Pumice Stone

My mother, the gardener...

Grey Apron


My mother, the artist...

Blackwing Pencils

My mother, the baker...

Bread Board

Grey Melamine Butter Dish

My mother, the animal lover...

Grey cat candle

Three geometric gorilla sculptures

My mother, the homemaker...

Flower print with flowers and candles

Black silicone trivets

My mother, the novelist...

White Notebook

My mother, the explorer...

Copenhagen travel guide

Wish you were here print

My mother, the interior designer...

Black Concrete Dala Horse held on a hand

Cork Clock on a pile of books

My mother, the tea fiend...

Breakfast tray

My mother, the hostess...

Soap Co Gift Set

Drinks on tray with flowers

My mother, the florist...

Geometric white pot with succulent plant

Rubber Vase with flowers

And, last of all, here are the scented candles. It might be a bit of a cliche, but honestly, all mums love a scented candle...

Scented candle - white


Black Scented Candle

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