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Hello and welcome to White Black Grey's Christmas Gift Guide. We've organised this by personality 'type' or interest, rather than gender / age / relation. Here's hoping that works for you and you can find something you love, for those that you love!

For the interior design fan:

Copenhagen print with vases

Black Dala Horse

For the animal lover:

Concrete Moose


Geometric reindeer candle

For the tool / gadget aficionado:

Scissors on desk

For the budding novelist: 

White Notebook

For the Hygge fan:

White Waffle Blanket in packaging

Grey geometric cat candle

For the gardener:

Dark Grey Gardening Apron

 For the crafter:

Black and white washi tape

Monochrome sticker packs

For the drinks connoisseur:

Grey drinks tray with cake and flowers

Citrus squeezer with limes

For the artist:

Box of Blackwing pencils

Black notebook

For the chef:

Grey Oven Gloves with kettle

Ceramic Pot with peppercorns

For the floral enthusiast: 

4 grey vases

Cylinder Vase with flowers

 For the Great British Bake Off fan:

Bread board

For the art lover:

White picture frame with chair print

Visiting friends or family for Christmas? Turn up with these beautiful handmade Christmas crackers and you're sure to be the toast of the day! 

Monochrome Christmas Crackers

Looking for something for your colleagues? Refer to our Secret Santa post instead. 

You can also see our "Stocking Fillers" list here, if you're looking for a few little somethings to finish up!

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