Our Favourite Bathroom Trends from Pinterest

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Screen grab from Pinterest

God damn it, I love Pinterest, don't you? It's a never-ending source of inspiration, whether you're looking for interiors, recipes, toys, holiday destinations, hair styles, craft activities, wedding planning... anything really. It's an absolute treasure trove.   

So welcome to this new series of blog posts, where we pick out our favourite trends from Pinterest with a few choice images. First up... Bathrooms! 

White Bathroom

(Image by Not Only White) 

Now OBVIOUSLY monochrome bathrooms are where it's at, for us that really goes without saying. Clearly a blog from a website called White Black Grey isn't going to start extolling the virtues of a colourful bathroom (though my Nan has an emerald green suite that is just... mind-blowing.)

So, assuming your basics are going to be neutral, what can you do to pep the room up a bit? Here goes...  


1. Terrazzo

Terrazzo Texture

(Image by In-Opera)

This isn't just a bathroom trend, we've been seeing terrazzo all over the place lately, but it is incredibly strong in the bathroom. Whether you use it for the floor, wall tiles, accessories, or check out the terrazzo basin below (love it!), it's a sure fire way to make your bathroom feel über modern.

Bathrrom scene  

(Image by Elle France)

Shower with Terrazzo floor

(Image by Inside Out Australia) 

Terrazzo Basin

(Image by Tika Moon)

Terrazzo Light Fitting

(Image by BHS)

Check out our collection of terrazzo accessories

Monochrome terrazzo accessories - tealight holders on a round tray

2. Super Minimalism

Minimal Bathroom

(Image by Bathrooms Makeover)

Ok, this might have a proper name amongst those in the know, but you see what we're driving at here. You need to be mega-strict with your decluttering and daily tidying to make this look work, but WOW. 

Minimal Bathroom

(Image by Lisa Cohen, Barefoot Styling)

Minimal Bathroom

(Image by Nichba Design)

We love the 'heavy' look of the black detailing here, so impactful. This leads me neatly onto the next trend...

3. Strong Black Detailing

We're especially digging the Crittall-style shower doors that seem to be popping up a lot lately. The very definition of Mid-Century Modern isn't it?

Shower with crittall window style screen

 (Image by Dezeen)

Bathroom scene

(Image by Apartment Therapy)

Black Towel Rail

(Image by Minalissimo) 

Black Shower Door

(Image by Arent & Pyke)


4. Industrial Textures

Think concrete, granite, cement etc.

Minimal Bathroom, industrial textures

(Image by bathroomphaucets.info)

This is a really easy one to bring into your bathroom on a low budget by accessorising. Check out our jesmonite collection for a slightly greener alternative to concrete...

Large grey jesmonite plant pot with a fern like plant

Black and white ceramic pot holding 2 bamboo toothbrushes. The pot is sitting on a grey oval jesmonite tray.

If you're dreaming a little bigger (darling), how striking are these polished cement walls?? 

Cement Bathroom Walls

(Image by House Beautiful)

Shower with concrete floor

(Image by UP Interiors) 


5. Busy Tiles

This one is a bit hit and miss in my humble opinion. Whether you go for square, herringbone, honeycomb or mini metro... when done right, it's stunning, but in some cases it can look a bit overwhelming. What do you think?

Black sink with mini metro tiles

(Image by Domino Magazine)
White bathroom with Herringbone tiles
 (Image by LivingEtc)

Bathroom with honeycomb tiles

(Image by Domino Magazine)
Monochrome bathroom with square tiles
(Image by Design Milk)

So that's it! Our round up of bathroom trends we're loving on Pinterest right now. Any thoughts? Feedback? Questions? We'd love to hear what you think! Tell us what other trends are floating your bathroom boat right now.

Next time, we'll be looking at Kitchens... any suggestions for that, just drop us a line :)

Styled bathroom tray all in monochrome, including toothbrushes in a holder, tealight candle holder, pot with succulent, bar soap on a soap dish and a wash cloth.

Finally, if your bathroom is all done, or if renovation is only a pipe dream right now, check out our beautiful range of monochrome bathroom accessories, here! Add a little touch of minimalist class from as little as £7.50 :)

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