Renovation Transformations II

Renovation Transformations II

We're back with another awesome round up of renovation transformations. Check out our previous post here. So I've spent a preposterous amount of time scouring Instagram for the best Before and After interiors transformations I can find, and the lovely lovely people who made these lovely lovely spaces then kindly sent me these pics for our blog. With no further ado...

Living Room Renovation by Joanna's Home

Empty, dirty living room, green walls, stone fireplace

Pretty grey living room with log burner and yellow details

Stone rubble from fireplace all across floor of empty living room

Pretty grey and white living-dining room in evening light

I can't believe how much stone came off that fireplace! Also that 'before' shade of green - yikes. What a lovely transformation. 


Kitchen Renovation by Loft208 (Lisa)

Old cluttered kitchen

Modern kitchen with marble countertops

We have some epic work-in-progress shots from Lisa's kitchen reno as well, this was a proper job! Check it out, and such a beautiful end result...

Kitchen being demolished

Kitchen being demolished

Grey kitchen with breakfast bar shot from living room

Modern grey kitchen with vase of eucalyptus

Grey kitchen with statement black and white wall tiles


Living Room Renovation by The House That D Built

Right, it's about time for an awful carpet isn't it? Check this bad boy out. WOW. 

Old fashioned living room with red carpet

This before shot looks quite a lot like my great nan's house did in the 1990s. Behold the transformation... 

Modern grey living room with monochrome details and fireplace

We do love a grey wall. 


Exterior Renovation by Hygge_for_Home (Reena)

Heading outside now for this wonderful (ongoing) exterior renovation of Reena's home. I love being able to see the architect's illustration and how that has been realised. What vision! 

Decrepit old bungalow exterior

Architect's illustration of a black clad house

Exterior of black clad house


Bathroom Renovation by Nest Twenty Eight (Lucinda)

Old bathroom with royal blue floor tiles

Modern monochrome bathroom

It's amazing what a difference a nicely shaped loo can make isn't it? I'm digging those hexagonal floor tiles too. 


Living Room Renovation by The Middle Terrace (Jessica)

1990s style living room with a marble fireplace

Modern living room with black fireplace

I absolutely love how classy and classic the end result is here. What a calming space. 


Exterior Renovation by Behind The Glass Door

Here's another can't-quite-believe-the-difference exterior transformation. I mean, wowsers. This is a proper ugly duckling story. 

Old brick bungalow

Modern renovated house with large glass frontage


Kitchen Renovation by Rebecca Wakefield

This one is going to blow your mind, get ready. Let's work through the pics chronologically this time, so you can see the work progressing...

Old kitchen with lino floor and peach walls

Cluttered kitchen with baby in ball pool

Kitchen building site

Beautiful modern kitchen diner with glass ceiling

Boom! So much envy for the finished product here. Amazing work. 


Bedroom Renovation by Hello Haus (Katie)

Loft bedroom with skylights and giant duck toy on the bed

Modern attic bedroom with skylights. Neutral colour scheme

Not a huge amount of 'renovation' work here, more of a makeover. From rather soulless, to rather sublime. I love EVERYTHING in this after shot. Sad to see the giant duck go though ;)


Living Room Renovation by The Interiors Lady (Helen)

Shabby old living room alcove

Gutted living room pre-renovation

Modern monochrome living room with patio doors and fireplace

Modern monochrome living room with patio doors and fireplace

There's so much to like in this living room - just look at all that light! Amazing to see the room taken back to the bare bones and then brought to life again. 


Campervan Renovation by Monochrome Home on Wheels (Hayley)

Something a little different for our last featured transformation - an entire home! A home on wheels that is. I just LOVE how Hayley has turned this totally ordinary, traditional (can I say naff?) little camper into a cozy monochrome paradise! Bravo!  

Interior of traditional campervan

Campervan seating area, in modern monochrome style

Campervan interior shot - monochrome details

Monochrome bed area in campervan


I hope you've enjoyed scrolling through these miraculous transformations and are feeling inspired for your own project. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to provide their pics.

I'd love to compile another one of these, so if you have a renovation project you'd like to share, do send us your pics! Email me, Sam, at:   

All images in this post copyright the persons mentioned.  
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