Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Hi. I'm here to talk about one of the most difficult, contentious and divisive issues in the modern workplace today. That's right guys, it's Secret Santa.

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The conversation seems to start earlier each year, the pulling names out of a "hat"  (the tupperware pot that usually holds the tea-bags) always goes wrong and has to be done twice, some Jobsworth insists year-after-year that the budget remains at £5, despite it being almost impossible to buy anything for that sum of money these days. The whole thing is awful. 

Most distressing of all to a person of taste (yes, I am a snob, no shame), is the pressing obligation to purchase tat. The pressure to lower your standards past all reasonable thresholds and buy some cruddy little gift (or worse a cruddy little "funny" gift) that your poor undeserving colleague neither wants, nor needs, and will be secretly relieved when they drunkenly leave it in a taxi after your company Christmas dinner.   

So, here at White Black Grey, we've done our level-best to put together a collection of products that will make some of these worries go away. They're all monochrome, they're all tasteful, they're all well made. They all cost less than £12.50 (a little optimistic for a top budget, perhaps, but it's the season for optimism, surely?)

So send this round your office and make the whole Secret Santa thing a little less of an ordeal this year. The only low point will be how furious you are with yourself when you leave your gift in the taxi...

You can view our full Secret Santa collection here. Some suggestions to get you on your way...

For the artist:

For the host:

For the planner:

For the foodie (or anyone, let's be honest):

For the writer: 

For the stationery geek:

For the blogger: 

For the cocktail lover:

For the person who's desk clutter drives you insane:

For the designer:

For the eco warrior: 

We really hope that's got you covered. Happy Shopping! 

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