Ideas for Using or Styling our Black Rubber Serving Tray

Posted by Samantha Drury Shore on

Here are White Black Grey, we LOVE a product with longevity, and versatility. Absolutely smashing it on these criteria is this black rubber serving tray, by SEJ Design, yours for only £40 at the time of writing. 


Black rubber serving tray on white background


Copenhagen-based SEJ Design, have been producing products from PUR rubber for over 130 years. Their beautiful range of sleekly minimal trays and pots are by far our best selling range here at White Black Grey, and it's not hard to see why. 

Black rubber tray and plant pot with black dala horse

To illustrate the versatility of these fabulous homewares, we've styled up the black rubber serving tray for different uses encompassing ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and workspaces. They make great surface protectors and are ideal for carrying food or drinks to and from the kitchen.

In our house we also use them as mess containers when our 3 year old daughter is playing tea parties... the possibilities really are endless!


Styled up breakfast tray with tea, custard tarts and jam.

Black rubber tray and pots with magazines and stationery

Black rubber tray and pots with succulent, towels, soap and other toiletries

Black rubber tray and pots with succulent, towels, soap and other toiletries. Shot from above.

Black rubber kitchen tray with condiments and a small succulent plant

Black rubber tray with cactus and flowers

Black rubber tray with 2 glasses of wine and a bowl of pistachio nuts

So, what would you use yours for? 

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