Sustainable Swaps

Sustainable Swaps

Arial shot of wind turbines on an undulating green landscape 

We all know that the climate crisis should be pretty far up our agendas these days. What we really need is to decarbonise the global economy and enact a socially equitable transition away from fossil fuels, but that requires huge collective action, and feels a bit of an impossible dream right now.

 Close up of hand washing with bar soap

I think it's important to acknowledge that as an individual, you can still make a difference, and not just with your vote. Every choice you make, especially purchasing choices, can make an incremental positive change. 

Hand holding a large bunch of coloured wash cloths in various muted tones

So I've put together a little list of brands you might like to check out. A few stocked in our store, and others not. I've focussed mainly on brands that are offering alternatives to plastic, and those that allow you to switch out single-use items for reusable. Think refill not landfill.  

Wild - Natural Deodorants

Box of Wild deodorant with applicator and refills, all in shades of gold

I switched to using Wild deodorant when they launched last year and I'm 100% sold! Essentially they're replacing the throwaway plastic of other brands with an aluminium case that you use again and again (it does come in black, monochrome gang!)   

Ad for Wild deodorant, showing applicator and refill. Text reads: "Wild. The new standard of deodorant. Effective, convenient, sustainable. Because that's how it should be." The refills are made using bamboo pulp and are home compostable. There's all sorts of scrummy scents, but Mint Fresh is my personal fave.


Fill - Refillable Eco Laundry and House Cleaning Products

Logo for Fill Refill Co.

I'm super happy to have found this brand as they've solved so many of my ethical cleaning dilemmas! Where Fill stand out for me is their utterly gorgeous monochrome branding.

Glass bottle of rinse aid and glass jar of laundry powder on a black rubber tray with a grey washcloth

Their glass jars and bottles are stylish enough to have out on display in your utility room for everyday use, and then you can top up from the larger refill containers squirrelled away in your cupboards.

Large refill box of rinse aid with tap in front

There's enough benefits to be going on with, but for me as well the infrequency with which you need to buy is great. Buying laundry powder 10kgs at a time is totally the way forward! It's like having one of those refill stations in your own home. 


Modibodi - Period Underwear

 Model wearing Modibodi underwear

Hopefully not too much of a "personal" product for me to recommend, but for those of us who have periods, these are a brilliant way to cut down your personal plastic footprint. 

Exploded diagram of modibodi underwear layers

You'll need to order a decent quantity as they can take a while to dry especially in colder weather, so the cost upfront can be pretty hefty, but it's definitely worth it in the long run. There's all sorts of options for different cuts, colours, absorbencies etc., so there's bound to be something that suits your needs. 


KeepCup - Reusable Coffee Cups

Grey Keepcup on a grey concrete tray

Reusable coffee cups are perhaps a bit of an obvious suggestion when it comes to ditching single-use plastic, but I'm still so in love with our unique monochrome colourways that I had to mention these here. 

I write this from the depths of 2021 lockdown, so coffee shops are a distant memory right now, but I like using mine to take a tea on my daily walk. 


The Organic Company - Reusable Textiles 

Grey wash cloth on a table with a glass and some spilled water

The Organic Company are one of the first brands I ever chose for my little lifestyle store and are an absolute powerhouse when it comes to replacing plastic products in your home. My top picks would be their canvas lunch bags, reusable tea bags, cotton wash cloths and waffle weave make-up pads.

Grey waffle make-up pad held in a hand. In background - q-tips, moisturiser, hand cream

All of their products are made from 100% GOTS organic cotton, right down to the thread. Their minimal designs are beautiful, and I know I'm not supposed to say this, but their palettes even beyond the monochrome are just stunning.  

Concrete steps with tea making equipment: black traditional kettle, wooden tray with cotton cloth and tea in a glass mug 

Brick Sixty - Bar Soaps  

Stack of 3 bar soaps, shaped like London Bricks, white, grey and black

Making the switch from liquid hand soap to soap bars is another really easy win for reducing your plastic usage. Plus bar soaps look so much cooler when styling your bathroom for Instagram. 

Bathroom tray. Black rubber tray with black rubber soap dish, grey bar soap, lit tealight candle in grey holder, succulent plant in grey pot


Collection of 4 bar soaps in monochrome packaging, by Legra soaps

Next month (February 2021) we'll also be welcoming Legra Soap to the White Black Grey family, to broaden our bar soap offering. Plant based ingredients, plastic-free biodegradable packaging, minimal monochrome branding, what's not to like?? 

Three bars of soap in harsh sunlight with long shadows

I hope you have enjoyed my list of sustainable swaps and do feel free to email me with your own suggestions. If I get enough, I'll do another one of these posts later in the year. Until then, here's to a fossil-free future! 


Photo credits: 
Photo 1: by Tyler Casey on Unsplash.
Photos 2, 17 and 18: by Legra Soap 
Photos 3, 12, 14  by The Organic Company. 
Photos 4 and 5: by Wild Deodorants.  by The Organic Company. 
Photos 6 and 8: by Fill Refill Co. 
Photos 7, 11, 13, 15 and 16 : by White Black Grey / Samantha Drury Shore 
Photos 9 and 10: by Modibodi
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