White Black Grey for Business

Introducing White Black Grey for Business

Hotels – Offices – Events – Catering – Restaurants – Corporate Gifting –
Interior Designers  – Photographers – Shared Workspaces

Black rubber tray with 3 ceramic mugs, one black, one grey, one white
Here at White Black Grey we’re passionate about good design. For us that means style and function. There’s no need to compromise between the two.

We know that you want the best for your business; to wow your clients; and keep your employees happy. And hopefully save some time whilst you’re at it.

We have a fabulous range of modern, monochrome products to suit a business setting, many of which are eco-friendly too.

Whether you’re styling an event, kitting out your new office, renovating your hotel/restaurant, need props for a photoshoot, or you're looking for a corporate gift… we’re here to help.

Whatever your requirements, do drop us a line, and we’ll do our level-best to find what you need. From a simple bulk order of one of our existing products, to a bespoke corporate package, or assistance sourcing something new.

Email us with your project ideas: hello@whiteblackgrey.co.uk
Or call Sam on: 07799 820 479

Check out the below images for some inspo…
Serving tray with potted plant, jam, custard tarts, tea cups, cutlery etc.
Black rubber pot oil and vinegar bottles
HMM Scissors on magnetic base next to laptop and pile of books
Ceramic jug (black) and mugs (white, grey) on a black rubber tray
Close up Maak Lab bar soap on grey towel
Black rubber kitchen tray with condiments
Noodle dish in a white bowl with a cup of water
Monochrome bathroom tray
3 blackwing pencils
Coffee machine in cafe
Monochrome stationery tray
Dark grey napkin, folded with a table knife tucked through the strap
Nespresso machine on tray
Bottle of ice tea and a glass on a white concrete tray
'Stone' Chef's Notebook with Blackwing pencil
Styled black and grey bathroom tray
Hallway bench with blanket and large potted plant
Bathroom tray with a collection of black rubber pots, toiletries and a succulent plant
Bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses and a ceramic pot of popcorn on a white concrete tray
Black rubber vase of flowers and black lamp
Bathroom tray with soap, plant, candle etc.
Table laid with grey napkin and flowers, pretty water jug
Stone shelf with ceramic bottles and grey cotton wash cloth
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