Beam Friday not Black Friday

Plant in grey pot on a grey tray. Logo for charity Beam. Text reads: This Black Friday, we're giving something back.

As a small independent store, we're not in a position to offer big discounts for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Instead of slashing prices or pushing promotions, we'll be giving something back.

At the time of writing, the UK charity Beam has changed the lives of over 800 people. Beam is a homeless charity, but with a difference. Using a crowd-funding system, Beam supports homeless people through training enabling them to get back on their feet... find a career, find independence, and find pride. 

We will be donating £5 to Beam for every single order we receive over the Black Friday weekend (from midnight Thursday, to midnight Monday).

For more information about the Beam Charity and the marvellous work that they do, click here.  

We'd love it if you could share this news, or tell people about your order (should you place one), using the hashtag #beamfriday.

Also, just to say, we're not judging any other companies who offer Black Friday discounts, nor anybody who chooses to shop the sales this weekend. We're merely uncomfortable with the negative culture that has grown up around Black Friday, which pressures shops to offer discounts they can't really afford, and in turn, pressures consumers to spend money they don't really have. 

Of course, we are a shop, and we want to sell you stuff, there's no point being coy about that. But we want to sell you stuff that you love, because you want it, or need it, and will treasure for many years to come. Not push you to buy things you may later regret because it happened to be cheap one day. 


We, White Black Grey Ltd., will make a donation of £5 to the charity Beam for each order we receive over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. This will include orders placed from midnight on Thursday 25th November until midnight on Monday 29th November. This offer will be valid for one order per customer within the stated times. No cash alternative will be available. 

Plant in black rubber pot. Logo for charity: Beam. Text reads: This Black Friday we're giving something back


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