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Small cloakroom space with mirror above the sink and a large framed map print on the wall
Photo by Sarah Dubben.
Shop the look: List of Countries Map Print
Black glass dining table with lit candles on tray
Photo by Chloe Coats
Shop the look: Round Rubber Serving Tray

Nespresso machine on black tray, with accessories
Photo by Val Martin
Shop the look: Rubber 'Nespresso' Tray

Christmas scene with a wooden skeleton and wooden animal toys
Photo by Kate Springfield
Shop the look: Wooden Animals

window for canine care company, hung with stars
Photo by Victoria Stewart
Shop the look: Black Rubber Star Decorations

Marble countertop with coffee machine on black rubber tray
Photo by Nicola Roberts
Shop the look: Rubber 'Nespresso' Tray

Black bathroom accessories styled with a living wall behind
Drinks tray in a book shelf cubby
Photo by Amanda Start - Simply Start Living
Shop the look: Large Square Rubber Tray

Grey jesmonite vase with preserved flower bouquet on a slatted wooden table

Photo by Elliott Kennedy @theboulton_
Shop the look: Grey Jesmonite Vase

Large white sink in marble countertop with brass tap. Rubber tray with aesop hand wash

Photo by Nicola Roberts
Shop the look: Rubber 'Nespresso' Tray

Styled bathroom tray - black rubber with London brick soap
Photo by Abby @abbyrosehomes
Shop the look: Long Rectangular Rubber TraySmall Rectangular Rubber PotRubber Soap Dish, Grey London Brick Soap Bar

Low outdoor patio table laid for dinner with flowersPhoto by Kat @unitedcoloursofkat
Shop the look: Grey Fluted Vase

Modern bathroom with monochrome accessories and plants
Photo by Craig @craig_knightley
Shop the look: Slim Rectangular Rubber Tray

Marble kitchen counterrop with brass taps, black soap and grey washcloths
Photo by Ros Blundell
Shop the look: Organic Cotton Wash Cloth in Evening Grey, Organic Cotton Little Towel in Morning GreyBlack Rubber Soap Dish, Black London Brick Soap

White concrete tray styled with diffuser and flower vases in dusky pink
Photo by Kiran Fatima @fourattwentyfour

Styled bathroom tray with plant, soap, watch and diffuser Photo by Dean at Fusion Communication
Shop the look: Small Rectangular Rubber TrayMini Rubber PotRubber Soap Dish

Styled black kitchen tray with utensils and condiments
Photo by @alijflowers
Shop the look: Small Rectangular Rubber TrayLarge Rectangular Rubber Pot


Bedside table, prints on wall, beamed ceiling Photo by @lucy_lives_here
Shop the look: Amore print 

Bubble bath with tray including candles, champagne, plants
Photo by Natalie @ouroaktreehome
Shop the look: Small Rectangular Rubber Tray, Small Square Rubber Pot 

Three monochrome washi tape rolls on a wooden dispenserPhoto by Natalie @mockupdesigns
Shop the look: Washi tape collection

Black rubber tray with liquid soap, cactus in pot and white ceramic potPhoto by Hayley @monochromehomeonwheels
Shop the look: Long Rectangular Rubber Tray

Wire fox terrier nose to nose with a wooden sheepPhoto by Lee
Shop the look: Wooden Sheep 

Bathroom caddy with soaps and candles etc. Photo by Amanda Start - Simply Start Living
Shop the look: Black Rubber Soap Dish

Coffee table with Tom Ford book, black tray with reed diffuser
Photo by Natalie @ouroaktreehome
Shop the look: Large Square Rubber Tray

Split height dining room with gallery print wall and black furniture
Photo by Nina @nina_moves_in
Shop the look: Hell Yes print

Bathroom accessories tray with towels and wellbeing products

Photo by Magda Page @themarlowonthemeadow
Shop the look: Large Rubber Serving Tray, Mini Rubber Pot

Hallway with large round mirror. Black tray with concrete number 12 and a reed diffuserPhoto by Jen
Shop the look: Small Rectangular Rubber TrayConcrete Numbers

Bathroom window sill with tray and toiletries

Photo by Caz Bennett @cazbennettt
Shop the look: Small Rectangular Rubber Tray

Black grey on desk with grey pencil pot, sunglasses and digital caliper

Photo by Alex @dukudesign
Shop the look: Large Rectangular Rubber Tray 

Black rubber tray and pot with nail art equipment and business cards

Photo by Aimee @lashlove_beautystudio
Shop the look: Small Rectangular Rubber Tray, Extra Small Rectangular Rubber Pot

Stunning bathroom with white tiles, dark wall, round mirror, candles and other accessories
Photo by @design_soda_ruthie

Dining table with table runner, vase and candle
Photo by Jemma @jlg.designs

Outside black decking area with grey furniturePhoto by Nina Pethers @ninapeths

Collection of vases, glass and ceramicPhoto by Penelope @pennyblkbird

Concrete tealight holder on a window sill
Photo by Laura @hearthandnook


Shelf with black vase and red flowersPhoto by @karajanelle_


Wooden floating shelf with monochrome ornaments
Photo by Jo Christie 
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