Environmental Policy

Here at White Black Grey we're committed to doing our part to protect and conserve the environment. News of our changing climate becomes more alarming every day and we believe even businesses as small as ours have a part to play in reducing emissions and cutting back on waste. 

We know this is a learning curve for all of us and we are constantly looking to improve. Please do get in touch if you have feedback or suggestions. We would love to hear from you (email address below).  

A few notes on where we're at right now:

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, including the paper tape we use on our boxes. Our padded envelopes use corrugated paper rather than plastic bubbles; our plain tissue paper is recycled. From 2021 we have committed to not purchasing ANY plastic packaging at all. So, if there's any plastic packaging in your order (including bubble wrap), please know that it is being reused, not bought new.

Our office is as paperless as we can possibly manage and again any paper we do use (from office paper to our business cards) is either recycled or FSC certified. All of the electricity we use is from 100% renewable sources.

In terms of our products, we work with suppliers who share our environmental and ethical concerns wherever possible. Much of our stock comes from independent designer-makers, is made by hand, or is manufactured using sustainable/ethical materials. We are increasing our range of sustainable / reusable products all the time. 

Since, August 2019, we have been planting trees, making a monthly donation to One Tree Planted! Find out all about it here

Since May 2021, we have additionally been using the Shopify Offset scheme to offset carbon emissions associated with shipping your orders. The funds we donate under this scheme are used for reforestation and carbon capture projects.

We are always looking to improve our environmental credentials and reduce our carbon footprint, so if you have any feedback, questions, comments or suggestions, please do get in touch: hello@whiteblackgrey.co.uk 
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