One Tree Planted

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Epic news! White Black Grey is now a One Tree Planted partner. This means by shopping with us, you're not only filling your house with stunning monochrome items (and supporting a small business), you're also now helping reforest our planet. How completely awesome is that?

Sapling tree newly planted

From 1st August 2019, we'll be making a monthly donation of trees: 1 tree for every £100 spent in store. 

Smiling woman holding sapling trees for planting

We can select from planting projects across the globe and we'll be varying the location of our donated trees from month to month - spread the green love! 

Man planting tree saplings in fir forest

Group of smiling children with tree saplings

In addition to our tree-planting donations, we're also using the Shopify Offset scheme to offset the carbon emissions associated with shipping your orders. The funds we donate through this scheme are used for reforestation and carbon capture projects.  
If you have any comments or questions on this, do feel free to drop us a line:
For more information on our general Environmental Policy, click here.

Woman in hard hat planting trees in a forest

Loads of sapling trees in pots

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