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Herbal Teas by GREK | Greek Mountain Tea

Herbal Teas by GREK | Greek Mountain Tea

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Ethically sourced, artisan made, exquisitely flavoured... We love these award-winning herbal teas by GREK. The bold monochrome packaging makes these tea boxes an ideal gift, too pretty to be left in the cupboard!

Greek Mountain Tea (Whole Flowers - Loose). 25g (net weight)

Tasting Notes: MELLOW + FLORAL. Clear vibrant green gives way to softer honey tones. Rounded and smooth to taste. A touch of fruit, woody and earthy notes and a light, floral element. 

Ingredients: Mountain tea (Sideritis) whole flowers only.
Ethically farmed in Thessaly, Greece, using no chemicals or pesticides. 100% organic. This Greek Mountain Tea is a loose tea, other teas from GREK are supplied in biodegradable tea bags. 

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