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Plush Toy Polar Bear | 'Ricecube' by Noodoll | White

Plush Toy Polar Bear | 'Ricecube' by Noodoll | White

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Ricemonsters are the perfect companions for little ones and the young at heart. Each monster has his or her own personality. Ricecube lives in the coldest part of Ricetown, the Icy Park! He loves to ice skate and have snowball fights. 

Size: approx. 21 x 23cm. 100% polyester. Machine washable cold. CE certified for ages 0+.

From the Luxe range - with extra long soft fur. Toys are hand finished and therefore sizes may vary.  

From the kings and queens of kitsch-cute, Noodoll. Check out the rest of the Ricemonster family here.

Ricemonsters and designed with love and stuffed by hand in East London. The toy skins are made by a group of lovely grandmothers in rural Taiwan. If your Ricemonster becomes a little tired and needs a seam stitched or a bit of extra stuffing, you can send him off for toy surgery. All you need to do is pay the postage. Please contact us if your Ricemonster would like more information about this service. 

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