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Wooden Animals by T-Lab Japan | Parakeet

Wooden Animals by T-Lab Japan | Parakeet

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These adorable wooden 'Polepole' animals by T-Lab Japan are hand-carved and hand-painted by skilled artisans, making each one unique. 'Polepole' means 'little by little' in Swahili. A thoughtful and personal gift for pretty much anyone (especially yourself!), these delightful creatures are definitely not just for the kids. 

Lightweight and smooth to the touch, the animals are made from fast-growing Abizia wood. T-Lab are committed to maintaining a sustainable supply by planting new trees to replace those they take.   

Parakeet - approx. 7cm height.

Now the only question remains, how will you possibly choose which one(s) you need in your life?? See the full range, here

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